Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where did October go???

Just realizing that it is nearly mid-November. EEEK! Where did October go? There are Christmas trees up in Tully's!!! UGH! I wish that we didn't jump right from Halloween to Christmas. I am huge lover of Thanksgiving! Food, Football...and a whole day to remember what we're thankful for! Why does life try to push us along so quickly...radio stations, retail, advertising...well, I guess in reality, it all comes down to money. I suppose Thanksgiving isn't a big money maker...but it is a good time to stop and smell the roses. What are you most thankful for in your life? How will you let those people know you appreciate them this Thanksgiving?


Jenn Witsoe said...

Being on vacation right now with family makes me VERY thankful for just that....family! And vacations/relaxing time...But right now...most of all I'm SOOOO very thankful you'll be celebrating Turkey Day this year free of chemo and treatments...you're healthy and happy -- what more could you be thankful for? That beats a butterball ANY day! : )

CHEERS to YOU this year!

Timothy Lusk said...

Amen. Amie and I totally agree with this. We remember when the 80s actually knew that Thanksgiving was another holiday to enjoy with family and you didn't hear or see anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving (or at the very earliest, the week of). ;-)

I'm thankful for having my immediate family and my newly extended family in my life. They definitely keep me going throughout the days. ;-)

Love you!

Julie said...

Finally checking in your blog...check out mine for my Turkey Day list of Giving Thanks this year! LOL. I'm OVER the Halloween=>Xmas thing too...it reminds me of that "faster daddy, faster...SLOOOOOW DOOOOOWN..." :)